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Welcome to the Atlas Business Family!

Upon transaction, Atlas Business Consulting & Development agrees to accept labor, administrative, technical, and analytical burdens for  THE COMPANY and responsibility to engineer, finalize, submit, negotiate, and represent THE COMPANY’s best interest in completing THE COMPANY’s required services. THE COMPANY will agree to provide true and substantiated information and documents, for rapid completion. Upon transaction, THE COMPANY understands that this is a contract and an investment for fiduciary services, and process completion with Atlas Business Consulting & Development. Please see Cancellation Policy below.

Atlas Business Consulting & Development will process  THE COMPANY’s qualified services from start to completion. Upon transaction, processes will immediately begin, and you will be contacted by the assigned processing specialist within 24 hours.  We promise to  simplify and normalize processes by retrieving the records required for the business start-up services | registration | certification | contracting vehicle contract award  preparation and submission. Your case manager  will conduct an intake meeting with your point of contact to collect the necessary information and documents that are required for your company. We will provide you with detailed and transparent information along with a comprehensive and custom records request list.  THE COMPANY’s selected services will be completed, no additional promises were made that would misrepresent the selected services.

Atlas Business Consulting & Development streamlines and standardizes process fulfilment. This includes legal filings, branding services, administrative management consulting and services, as well as government readiness consulting and services. Atlas Business Consulting & Development will maintain diligence in document retrieval, phase progression activities, and communications. If we are unsuccessful in reaching you through the process, by call or email, you will received a “Process On-Hold” warning. If you fail to keep up with communications, your file will be put on a hold and we will attempt to reach you in 30 days. If you have not contacted us within 90 days window, your company may be subject to a $100 re-processing fee. This works when we work together.

In order for us to rapidly fulfill services, we recommend that you communicate with us through the process and provide the listed documents as soon as you can.

Cancellation Policy: 

A transaction represents a binding contract between THE COMPANY and Atlas Business Consulting & Development, LLC.  Our policy grants a 72 hour (of the transaction) cancellation provision without penalty.  Thereafter, refund requests, without substantiated cause and documentation, will be DENIED.  In the case you have questions, or would like to exercise your 72 hour cancellation provision, email  All requests for cancellation will be reviewed. Allow 24 hours for the review process, and support will contact you by phone.  

Rejection / Withdrawal clause: THE COMPANY is not entitled to refund if REJECTED for certifications or GSA, if it determined that THECOMPANY misrepresented qualifications.  Government processing agencies have limitations to clarifications response.  If THE COMPANY fails to provide the required documents during this phase, it will result in an application withdrawal (this is determined by the agency).  This will extend the process time and we will resubmit, as soon as you can provide the document(s) requested, and is not cause for refund.  

Our Guidance, mentorship, data analytic expertise, implementation of the combined w/ THE COMPANY’s uninterrupted & rapid return of records is proven to result in speedy award.  THE COMPANY will receive frequent and unrelenting progress updates and follow up correspondences from your specialist.  Once submitted, THE COMPANY will receive alerts about status updates.

Government Certifications and Processes:  While we guarantee rapid communication, we can only work as fast as you can respond.  Additionally, like everyone, we are at the mercy of the government policy and refreshes and The SBA’s & GSA’s response and award rate.

Atlas Offers the Negotiations of the GSA MAS Contract  to be inclusive with the application process and it not an additional cost.  You can choose to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract with the GSA Contracting officer on your own.  If, for whatever reason, THE COMPANY fails to agree to the GSA Terms and Conditions, and are not awarded, this is not cause for refund. 

MBE | WBE |SDVBE | VBE Certifications: There is a separate processing fee for the third-party verification, which is not associated with Atlas Business Consulting & Development.  The fee is based on your state and reported annual revenue and is usually between $300-$500.  

Atlas Business Consulting & Development’s practices, operations, and procedures are ethical, lawful, fiduciary, and resolute. ATLAS BUSINESS prohibits and refuses offers, bribes, or gratuities to manipulate contract award determinations. By commissioning Atlas Business Consulting & Development to represent   THE COMPANY’s best interest in this matter, THE COMPANY acknowledges that it is criminal to make false, fabricated, unsubstantiated claims, forge documents, and fraudulently misrepresenting information in the effort to deceive or manipulate government agencies the in accordance to United States Department of Justice:  Title 9-42.000 – Fraud Against the Government. 

Cooperative commitment is required. The following  policies and standards are unwavering and uncompromising. No exceptions.  The lawful and fiduciary cooperation terms below, are non-negotiable.

  • THE COMPANY commits to disclose accurate and reliable information in accordance with The United States Department of Justice:  Title 9-42.000 – Fraud Against the Government.
  • THE COMPANY recognizes Atlas Business Consulting & Development’s fiduciary commitment to THE COMPANY in this matter.
  • THE COMPANY understands your specialist  must review records and information and refine business narratives, solely to maximize articulation, compliancy, award process efficiency, quality, and over-all appeal.
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