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In the effort to mitigate barriers with being a socio-economically disadvantaged business owner, the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) was created and structured to advance the Minority Business Enterprise.  The certification demonstrates that your company has been evaluated and determined to be a legitimate small business.  The certification has been adopted by every municipality, as well as many corporations as part of broader supplier diversity programs.


  • Atlas Business Consulting & Development, LLC has a 100% first-time approval rate for the MBE Certification.  
  • 50% of business owners that attempt this effort on their own give up before they ever submit.  
  • 32% of business owners that attempt this effort on their own, invest about 90 hours of their time that they will never get back.
  • We GUARANTEE our services

Certification for Minority Owned Businesses

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The Minority Business Enterprise Certification is a state program with a primary focus for companies that are, at minimum, 51% owned and operated by U.S. citizens and are classified as “ethnic minority.” Being MBE Certified will provide you access to tremendous state government opportunities and large American corporations that have adopted the diversity of the Minority Business Enterprise and now purchase from CERTIFIED businesses. The MBE Certification offers more accessible qualification criteria than federal certifications, making it ideal for businesses that do not yet meet the requirements for federal certifications.  is a leading full-service federal business development firm specializing in B2G and B2B government opportunities, as well as city, state, and local contracting opportunities. As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), you will have an opportunity to compete for government contracts that are set aside specifically for MBE’s. In addition, many corporations have supplier diversity programs that give preference to MBEs when awarding contracts. The MBE Certification is a valuable tool that can help your business to grow and succeed. It is highly recommended to speak with one of our experts to determine eligibility qualification and if it is in your company’s best interest to become certified.


Small, For-Profit Business as described by SBA standards

Company is at minimum 51% owned by "ethnic minority(s)"

Categories are American:
Native, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Asian-Pacific, Subcontinent Asian

Owner has full and unconditional & direct control daily.

Company has an operational website

Owner dedicates 40 hours a week to the company.


Access to preferred contract notifications and opportunities

Increased traffic and business with the "Badge of Honor"

Networking opportunities and relationship building

Business Networking & Opportunity Fairs and Other Events

Conferences focused on minority business development. MBEs present themselves to

Increases opportunities with Primes Contractors

Increases opportunities with City & State Government buyers

Increases your revenue and accelerates growth

Showcase certification logo for marketing purposes

Website, Storefront, Vehicles, Marketing Materials, etc.

With Atlas, the process is simplified, normalized, and expedited.

We pick up 90% of this burden, and provide you with peace of mind. Here is what you can expect from us.

MBE Site Visit

 1. Ensure eligibility with an assigned case manager who will represent you as your.

2. Your case manager will only collect the required information and documents for the MBE.

3. Data entry, document preparation, and digital submission all completed by case manager.

4. We will observe, and respond to “clarifications”. (MBE analysts infrequently require that our clients provide minimal additional details.) 

5. Your case manager will prepare you for the site visit.

6.  Once awarded we will provide you with details on showcasing your certification.

Before your company is awarded the MBE Certification, you will require that a certified organization conduct a virtual site visit.  This is to avoid any minority impersonation controversy.   

The third-party verification firm typically charges approximately $300-$500, based on the individual state and the company’s reported annual revenue.  This fee is not associated with Atlas Business Consulting & Development, LL, and is paid directly to the certifying organization.

Your assigned specialist will support you through this endeavor including all filings, documentation review and packaging required for submittal through clarifications and certification award.

MBE Certification

WBE Certification
Process - Award

MBE + Web Designer Bundle

For companies that require an operational website for eligibility.

$1,500 Savings

Annual Renewal for MBE Certification

(Site-Visit with a certified third party is required annually, including additional fee to certifying organization)

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