Government Ambitions Programs

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Your assigned specialist will conduct a thorough “bumper-to-bumper” analysis on your company’s:

  • Offerings
  • Website
  • Government Readiness Condition
  • S.A.M. Registration and DSBS Profile
  • PSCs
  • Capability Statement
  • Geographic Limitations (50 mile radius | 100 mile radius | statewide | nationwide | international | global)
  • Company Strengths
  • Company Goals

Based on your assessment, Our Research Department will identify your targeted buyers, by conducting the market research and data analytics. Once the research is completed, you will receive the master list, and schedule for the campaigns.  The list contains buyer Names, Agency Information, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers.

You will then attend a scheduled 1-to-1 training session, with an industry expert who will prepare you with call-scripts, email templates, follow-up and negotiations strategies.

We introduce your company in monthly increments, based on the package you selected.  We provide the agency and contact details of the government buyer, who we’ve identified in research, with your capability statement and highlight your competitive differentiators.

You are now armed with the tools, templates, support, and leads.  We will continue to introduce you to new buyers as scheduled, its up to you to keep up with the demand.

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